What is the biggest temptation in a spiritual life?

Updated: Mar 25

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There are many temptations in the world. Many that block our spiritual journey from allowing us to get closer into communion with God.

Sin is terrible. Adultery is one of the biggest temptations in the world. You dirt your body and soul, and you grieve the Holy Spirit within you. You begin to welcome the work and reign of the dirty spirit. You grieve the Holy Spirit because you are suppossed to keep your soul clean, yet you dirty it. Like a clean luxury home that you fill with dirt.

Pride is another big temptation of the world. Showing that you are above others and not equal to them. This is a big and costly sin. For example, a man who claims to all he is rich. He takes advantage over poor human beings, and looks upon others as if they are good for nothing. Especially the poor. They go to spend thousands of dollars on themselves yet they never think of the poor. They don't care for those who starve. Nor do they think about those who are most in need.

Envy is the next. Jealousy. Instead of being jealous when someone buys a home, car, or anything for that matter. Instead of showing jealousy, wish them good luck. They worked hard for what they are receiving. The Lord is strictly against envy, and you bring a curse upon yourself with your own hand. You despise the blessings of the Lord upon others. This means you do not have a heart like Christ. To have a heart like Christ means to love, and wish well for others.

Hate, is the biggest among all these. When you build hate against others it means you hate yourself. You will never live in peace, and you will have a short life on earth. You will end up harming yourself instead of achieving what you want. The Lord is always filled with love, and places peace into the hearts of his children. Be humble and ask for the forgiveness of the Lord. Stay away from all hatred! The devil is behind attacking where you are weakest, especially bringing hate towards others. There once was a man who was so filled with hatred in his heart and mind. He never wished well to anyone. He was always seeking to unleash his hatred on other through harm and evil actions, harming all those in any way possible. The time came when everyone knew of his hatred and stayed away from him. They felt a curse in his presence. They knew his bad and wicked intentions. At the end, he sat alone in his home with no one to know. From hatred, his enemies discovered where he was, and through the beast he was killed. These enemies are the same ones that he harmed. Let us come to know love so that we do not end up like this man. Instead, let us always be filled with love, joy, peace and happiness.

Anger is another relevant one. Unrighteous anger. There's a saying. Every 60 seconds of your anger, brings you 1 minute closer to death. Unrighteous anger leads to harming your health and others. If you don't have self control over yourself, you can easily be attacked by a stroke or heart attack, or by other issues. Anger can cause you plenty of trouble leading to consequences that will haunt you. You will lose your public respect. Always smile and remain calm. If you are an angry person, people will refrain from contacting you as they will always find trouble with you.

GREED! This is a very common sin today! Greed will lower your public status and reputation tremendously. All will know how you destroyed a family by not giving them what is rightfully theirs. When you take something from someone and don't return it upon your promise, it will cause trouble upon the greedy person. This can be through harm or other cases. This is especially true for ruining the life of the person you stole from. Next, you are bringing a curse upon yourself. The Lord will never be by your side if you are filled with greed. He will leave you into the hands of the wicked, and those who are wicked will deal with you. For you can harm this child of God, but the next person might be a child of darkness. And he will have no mercy.

One day, I had a dream of David the shepherd boy. I saw him walking in the desert, alone with Goliath. Beside him was my father. David had some sort of a slingshot, took a stone, and shot the stone on Goliaths forehead putting him down. David went back to Goliath, took the stone from his forehead, and gave it to my father along with his slingshot. He said to him, "The same way the Lord was with me and I took down Goliath, so anyone who stands in your way the Lord will deal with. Trust in God just as I did. When you trust in him, you will surprise the people by what you can do. In the same way Israels army didn't believe their eyes that I put Goliath down, so you will defeat greater beasts that the people of the world cannot believe also." My father took the stone and the slingshot and kept it in his pocket.

This is a beautiful dream that David the shepherd boy gave to me. He emphasized the importance of trusting in God, and that by doing so you can do great and marvellous things. I 100% agree with David. Too often, we trust in man, rather than God. We should never place our trust In man. If you do this, you will be disappointed. But, God will never disappoint you.

At times in our daily lives, we might encounter situations where it might be very difficult to trust in God. However, if you just hang on tight to trusting in God, you will also be surprised. I admire my fathers trust in God. I remember a time when my father had about $5 in his account. He continued to trust in God and he blessed him in other ways. This was about seven years ago that I saw this amount in his account. Guess what, seven years later we are still making a living. Even the people who break their backs day and night working are confused, but they always call my father blessed. The hard workers say to my father, "We work day and night, and we can barely cover our expenses. You don't work, but you are still surviving. God is with you."

All of us have walls that we need to break in our life. Some walls are easier to break down than the others. As you continue to break through your walls, they get harder, and harder, and harder. Although you might break your hand trying to break a physical wall, you will not break your hand in spiritual terms. The more you trust and place your hope in God, the more easily you'll be able to break down your wall.

This is the dream I had:

I saw my father standing in the middle of nowhere. The only things I noticed were in front of him, and they were walls. Grey, brick walls. The more further away, the bigger they were getting. I saw my father break the first three walls, then I saw things were getting harder for him. His hands were in a lot of pain, but he kept on hitting and breaking the walls. By the time he got to the seventh wall, he couldn't break it. Then, he sat down on the ground in frustration, thinking about how he'll break the wall. Then, while he was sitting, Jesus came from behind him. Jesus asked him, "What's wrong?" My father said to him, "I'm trying to break the wall but I can't." Then, my father showed Jesus his hands and said, "Look, my Lord. My hands are in so much pain." Jesus looked to my father, held his hands, and laughed. He said, "My son, I want to show you a less painful way." My father replied, "Show me, my Lord." Jesus held my fathers hand and walked him around the seventh wall. My father began to wonder why he didn't think of this from wall number one. Jesus said to him, "Look how much easier things are for you, when you trust me, and allow me to help you." My father continued to the last wall, which was wall number nine. He tried to go around the wall, but it was too long to go around. Then, he tried to hit the wall, but it was too hard to break through. He stood thinking in the heat of the sun. He looked up to the sky and said, "My Lord, help me." Then, a shovel fell down. My father laughed, and began digging. He got to the other side. Then, he saw the big white home God promised us. But before he was able to reach the home, two plants grew from under the ground holding each leg. He tried to pull, but they wouldn't rip out from the ground. Then, he looked up, and asked the Lord for help. A silver sword fell from the sky, and my father cut the plants. Then, he continued walking towards the home. That was the end of this dream.

The main lesson of this blog today is to help us all understand that there are many walls we must encounter before we reach where we want to be. It's important to ask God for help along your journey so that you don't have to struggle the same way someone does when they don't ask God for help. Call upon Jesus for help, and he will be there. I guarantee you.

Jesus, I trust in you.

When it comes down to this topic many have answered before. They have said that they wish for world peace, for starvation to end, for all people to be healthy, and that there will be no more death. My answer is different than these. My answer for you is this. My one wish for the world is for all people to come to know and love God. If I had to make only one wish, that would be the one.

Think about it for a moment. If all people come to know and love God there would include everything good that you wish for.

There will be world peace. When all people love God they will always have peace amongst one another. Loving God is not just to say that you love him but do not follow his commandments. To love God is to follow his commandment. You say you love your father yet you disobey him all the time. How do you love when you do what they hate?

There will be an end to starvation. This is because when all the wealthy and world leaders come to love God, they will love and treasure the poor just as God does. They will support them and grant them a beautiful future.

Look towards all of creation that the Lord has made. The earth, sun, moon, stars, mountains, sea, and the animals. In everywhere you look see the beauty and power of the Lord. He who created the heaven and the earth, and rested on the seventh day. He asks all people on the day he rests, to pray and rest with him in his love. All the Lord wants from us is to love him just as he loves us. Praise the name of the Lord and always give him glory. Never stop for it is never enough. Always mention the name of the Lord being filled with love and respect.

Speak about the Lord between you father, mother, brother, sister, husband, wife, friend, and all people. Do not be shy to mention the name of the Lord. Be proud of the holy name of the Lord. He is your only saviour, Jesus Christ. He whom was crucified and died on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. What the Lord has done for us is true love. One that must be honored for eternity. Completed and settled for his children on earth.

When the Lord gives us his commandments, do not go near sin. Do not commit adulter, nor steal, nor mention the Lord's name in vain, e.t.c. When you respect the laws of the Lord, and you continue to follow his ways, and you carry your cross to the end just as Jesus did. And you walk through all the stations of the cross, up unto the hill where the Lord was crucified means that you are there for the Lord just as he is there for you. Tender his heart for he has helped you along carrying your cross. It has not broken for the Lord has helped you up.

Do not be like others who say, "I am dissapointed and I have lost my faith." No, be strong in the presence of the Lord. The Lord has given his commandments and we have not obeyed him. He has been dissapointed. No one has cared for the heart of the Lord and what he has done for us. He says, "You no longer mention my name aloud in public places because you are ashamed of me. The one who has created you and continues to provide for you in spite of this."

You are increasing the anger and wrath of the Lord upon yourself when you commit yourself to sin. How do you want the Lord to answer your prayers when you use him only for when you need something. For some he answers and they are healed from cancer. For money, for their children not to die, we ask so many things of the Lord...only when we need something. When you are in trouble the Lord saves. But when your answer is given for what you have asked, you leave him alone when you are healed and you are well off in life. You do not mention what the Lord has done for you. Instead, you forget what he has done until you need him again.

Human beings are filled with evil because we allow the prince of darkness to rule the earth. People listen to him instead of the Lord's word. The Lord is the only one, above heaven and earth, seen and unseen, that can save the world from anything evil or disastrous that approaches. But the only time the Lord hears the voice of human beings is when they need something. Like using the Lord. He will shut his ears and answer no more.

"Before I created the world, it was I alone. I was filled with joy. Then, I created the world, Adam and Eve, gave them a home as paradise. I gave them all they could have ever asked for. I gave them authority over everything on the earth to make them glad, because I loved them. Then, I was dissapointed. I will never rest from human beings ever again, except from my true children that listen to me. These are the only ones. If your minds do not become like children, you will never see my kingdom."

Love the Lord almighty with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. More than anyone on this earth. Love him and give him respect. Sin will poison and trap you. That is where all wickedness is.

But nobody blames her. John, who is not a sinner, is blamed instead of Elizabeth and of Roy. He is like Jesus; he is sacrificed for the other’s sin. Temptation is present in the story and is represented by the rockpile. Besides, sin is everywhere, even in a Christian house. James Baldwin uses black American language to plunge us in the reality of Harlem.

“The Rockpile” was written by James Baldwin, a black American writer of the 20th century. This short story takes place in a street of Harlem around the 1930’s. James Baldwin shows us, through the life of a black family, the conflicts that can appear in human relationships, but also the presence of temptation and sin.

In Young Goodman Brown we follow the main character on his intricate course through the dark and gloomy forest, reminding us of the Garden of Eden, and we are confronted with the grim temptations of sin in a vague, confusing setting, where the line dividing-line between dream and reality becomes very thin. It is Hawthorne’s own choice to leave the question as to whether the night’s confused events and the meeting of the community of witches was a dream or reality. Through this artifice, an essential problem is set forth- the result is that the reader has to wonder whether the sin and the fall into temptation belong to Goodman alone or whether the entire community is pervaded by sinfulness and immorality.

Another main theme is the one of temptation and sin. Roy is tempted to go and play at the place where the rockpile stands, and this for different reasons. First of all, his mother told him not to go there. When you forbid children to do something, you can be sure they will do it, because they do not know why it is forbidden.

Poignant tragedy is the result because both Arthur and Hetty are creatures of weak moral fibre. They are unable to resist temptation. This moral weakness results in sin, which is followed by punishment and intense suffering. Arthur-Hetty story traces the movement from weakness to sin and from sin to nemesis.

The Puritans believed that you should not show your wealth because it was temptation and temptation was a sin. The Puritans were extremely hard-working and that is one of the main reasons the Northern colonies were so successful. The Northern colonies and the Southern colonies differed in many ways but both succeeded in the long run.

If intercourse before marriage is sinful — and it is — then sexual gratification before marriage is also sinful. No one is exempt from the temptation to lust. Therefore, we must take every care to avoid harbouring impure thoughts by rejecting them whenever they first enter our minds.” [] “We must take every care to avoid setting ourselves deliberately into any situation where we know that we will be exposed to this or a similar temptation.”[] Sex drive is the another term for lust.

If we yield to temptation and sin, suffering and nemesis are sure to follow. We have to reap the consequences of our own actions. Her characters suffer because they violate some moral code, because they yield to temptation whether consciously or unconsciously, in Adam Bede both Hetty and Arthur suffer for this reason.

Satan’s passionate and ambitious character is more intriguing than God’s reasonable and mild personality. Milton has sculpted the character of Satan to be a desirable character in the beginning to represent the temptation man faces when dealing with the devil. As in The Fall of Adam and Eve, Eve resists into the temptation of the Devil, and brings sin into the world.

The constant threats of damnation and hell itself, which Macebuh states as being part of the Black Christianity, also appear throughout the entire novel. Due to the permanent warnings of temptations and sin by his parents and the church community, John lives in abiding fear of God’s wrath, even in harmless places such as the movies: He waited for the darkness to be shattered by the light of the second coming, for the ceiling to crack upward, revealing, for every eye to see, the chariots of fire on which descended a wrathful God and all the host of Heaven. In return for refuge and brotherhood, the members are curtailed freedom and have to renounce all worldly pleasures.

(Scott; 238)To reiterate, looking at Macbeth’s ambition throughout the tragedy, I came to one conclusion. As time passes, a once moral man cannot hold off the temptations of the power he could achieve. This idea is stated in the following passage: “One of the most significant reasons for the enduring critical interest in Macbeth’s character is that he represents humankind’s universal propensity to temptation and sin.

First of all, Mary sue is seemingly the most recognizable comparison. Mary Sue invites sin into Pleasantville as she visits blank at lovers blank. This compares to Eve eating the apple in the Garden of Eden and committing the first sin among humanity, therefore beginning the cycle of knowledge of good and evil and temptation mankind has faced ever since.

“Is there not rain enough in the sweet heavens to wash it white as snow? “(Act III Scene V, Line 46) The language in this sentence is very powerful as Claudius uses natural elements, ‘rain’ and ‘snow’, to outline his sin. Claudius’ graphic description of his sin is strong evidence, and his desire to temptation leaves him tormented by his guilty conscience.

Those who are yet to gain entry in heaven are sent to the said town to repent their sins by changing the way they lived. They are to resist temptations as well as go to church to repent, or perhaps it was to reflect on their sins. This is similar to how Dante portrayed the souls in his purgatory. In a way that, both depictions showed experience of toiling to make amends for one’s sins, waiting for judgment to come, and the fulfillment of one’s punishment for his shortcomings in his lifetime in order to be allowed passage into paradise.

There seems, to me, to be a certain resemblance to the idea of sin and temptation in this element of the story. Jekyll clearly feels restricted by, and in, the world in which he lives, and the fact that he is aware of a way out of this world causes his inability to resist the temptation of taking the path to freedom. When he has experienced the freedom for the first time, he is unable to stop himself from using the potion in order to free himself from the burdens of society.

Hence, we often see that Faustus repents following the good advice of the good angle. However, the evil angle again scores its victory by infusing fear into Faustus’s heart. In the penultimate scene, Faustus is tested to give into the temptations of the seven deadly sins. We find him deceived by ‘lust’, one of the deadly sins, as he yields to the beauty of Helen, despite the advice of the old man.

Jesus’ teaching about lust in the Sermon on the Mount (Matt. 5:27-30) makes it clear that sexual sin is a real danger and temptation to us all. 2. It is, therefore, with an awareness of our own vulnerability to sexual sin that we express our profound concern about recent developments relating to Church discipline and moral teaching in some provinces in the North – specifically, the ordination of practicing homosexuals and the blessing of same-sex unions.

”(page86). His sin is more maleficent than the others for a variety of reasons. His sin is on going and persistent as opposed to a single action. Hawthorne gives credit to this particular style of sin by nicknaming Chillingworth, “the Leech”. This name states that, like a leech, Chillingworth will stick to Dimmesdale, slowly and subtly sucking the life from him by pressuring for a confession.

This is perhaps what the minister intended as he says, “I look around me, and lo! on every visage a Black Veil!” (Hawthorne, “The Minister’s Black Veil,” 759) seemingly convicting all people of having sins that they are hiding and need to recognize. Nathaniel Hawthorne not only describes the sin in every human being in this story, but also preaches that one should not look down upon another for their sins when they too have sinned.

In Nathanial Hawthorne’s famous standard of American literature, The Scarlett Letter, Hawthorne examines individual cases of sin occurring within society known for its intolerance of sin and strict religious principles, the Puritans. In The Scarlet Letter , each of the main characters, whether protagonist or antagonist, are guilty of a sin or form of “evil”. However, one character stands out from the rest.

Thank you for emailing me your questions. As always, it is a great honor and priviledge to be answering and counseling you through my website. If there are any counselling topics I can assist you with, please do not hesitate to email me so that I can post it on this website.

May God bless us always.

Walid F Rafo.

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