What comes to mind when you think of God?

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I am a Spiritual Counsellor and I have opened up this site to help those in need. Specifically, those who are encountering certain obstacles in life. It is a great blessing to be in this position. A position where I can help others just as Christ has helped others. Most things I have had experience with, and others I have learned from. Either way, I do not answer questions I am not knowledgable of. I will take my time to respond if I must. Either way, I will make sure that your question is answered as soon as possible, and to get you the assistance you need through my writing.

What comes to mind when I think of God? Excellent question. I can't wait to answer this one!

I look up to the stars and the skies, the day and night, the mountain and the ground, the animals and the people, the sea and the ocean. I look at all of creation and conclude that there is one who is powerful and intelligent that can make all these things. The Lord God of all people. He is the only one. He is the supreme being that controls over all things. We breathe his spirit daily for a new day and a new life.

We are children of the Lord God almighty. We are precious in the heart of the Lord. He knows that we are mere dust floating around the world. It is through the Lord God that all things came into being. At the end, we are turned to dust. The only thing remaining is the soul that will be judged by the Lord. I say this because when I think of God I also see him as judge of all creation.

If we follow the Lord, there will be no need to depend on people but only him alone. For through him the impossible is completed, where as with people even the possible cannot be done sometimes.

The Lord has great love more than anything and anyone. The first thing that comes to mind is his great love. His great mercy upon us sinners. We are protected by his holy and great power. As often as you praise him, there should never be enough from him. That is what your soul must feel for him.

Especially for me, nobody replaces my heart. Not myself, my wife, my kids, or friends, e.t.c, except for the Lord alone. I love everyone, but the Lord is always first for me. Pleasing him is my priority, and by pleasing him I am a servant for the greater good of God's love to the world.

The Lord should be so valuable in our heart. To show him love in the same way that he continues to show his great love for us. If I were you, when I see his name, the Father Son and the Holy Spirit. I would kiss even his name written on paper one million times out of my affection and great love for him in my heart;.

I have plenty of confidence in myself that when I pray to him, especially when I kneel, I will receive an answer to my prayers.

My advice for all is to light a candle for the Lord, and present your intentions of love in front of his holy beautiful spirit. Talk to him, and do not leave him alone, because as you know we live in a world filled with darkness. The only light you can see is when you pray, and the Lord will be a light for your entire life. You will feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in you, and the Lord presented there when you pray.

I see the mercy of the Lord and how he forgives us for our sins. It is through God's only beloved Son Jesus Christ, and his death on the cross that brought forward the forgiveness of sins. That demonstrates alone the great love that the Lord has for his children. I see, however, wickedness in all of mankind. We must fix ourselves and grow closer to the love of God. We are foolish if we ignore the love of God.

Pray to the Holy Spirit before any prayers. The Holy Spirit is like opening the door in order to see the beautiful things God has in store for you. The Lord has done many miracles through human beings in order to save us and prove his holy power to us that we might believe.

How many of us went through difficult times in life? In terms of financially. Many of us I'm sure. Well, I want you to know that God has you covered. You have to work and trust in him. The dream I will share with you today made my father weep the whole day. Ever since this dream, five years ago, my father never worried about whether or not we will have something to eat. He knew, that although he had little money left, the Lord will provide.

Today I will be discussing the revelation I received from God regarding daily bread.

One day, my father and I were sitting together for an espresso. This was back when my father lost everything and we were struggling economically. I remember at one point I saw my father's bank account...and there was only $5 inside. He said, "Thanks be to God, at least there's enough to cover the bank monthly fee." I laughed at this. But, my father was thinking out loud about how we're going to survive. How will we make money, how will we bring daily bread for our dear family to eat. At one point, we had to sell all our cars. My father and I got stuck at home all day because we didn't have another car to use. He always placed his family before him. He let my mother and sister's take the car. He wanted me to go with them not to get stuck at home all day, but my father is my life, so I stayed with him.

I saw my father crying alone and thinking all the time. When we were watching television, his mind wasn't there. We would ask him a question five times, before he answers. At every red light, he would go. He would pass every stop sign, instead of stopping. If there's any police reading this, please let this slide. Thankfully, when he started trusting in the Lord, he is completely whole.

This was the dream I had that very night:

I saw my father sitting by himself at the dining table, rubbing his head from stress. He was saying, "How will I come up with money to take care of my family? How am I going to bring food for my family to eat?". Then, I saw him raise his head up and said, "My Lord, don't feed me, only feed my wife and my children." Then, I saw our Lord Jesus standing in front of him, and my father was overwhelmed by the presence of the Lord. Jesus said to him, "Little one, why do you ask where you will get wealth and how? Why do you ask how you will bring daily bread for your family? I want to show you something. Open the window." At once, my father opened the window, and a pigeon flew inside the home and put a one-hundred dollar bill on the dining room table. Then, another pigeon came in and brought a big loaf of bread and put it on the table. The Lord then said to my father, "If you had nothing, I would order every bird to go out and pick money from the peoples pockets and bring it to you. If you had nothing to eat, I would stack your table with bread. If you had nothing to drink, I would make a river stream from the back of your home. But you will never see nothing. I will always make sure that you have something." The Lord continued, "You are a great child of my father. You don't know who you truly are now, but in the future, it will be revealed to you. But for now, I ask of you to trust in me. You are not a child of the darkness, you are a child of the light. I am the light. When a child lives with his father, he does not need to worry about what he will eat, or wear, or survive, because he knows his father will provide and take care of him. Only the child who leaves his father has to worry and ask; how will I survive, what will I do, how will I build my wealth? You still live with your father in heaven, so you need not worry about these things. My father will give all these things to you."

That was the very end of that dream. Ever since that day, my father always placed his trust in the Lord wholeheartedly. Please, friends, let us always place our trust in the Lord completely. Never let go no matter how difficult your situation might be. I recall in one of my other dreams, the Lord said to my father, "How easy it is to trust in me when you have everything. But, how difficult it is for you to trust in me when you have little."

What is the message of the divine mercy? "JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU." Let our trust and hope always remain in the Lord. He loves us all very dearly.

It's very difficult to forgive and forget. Especially, if it's something very serious. If it's light, it's easier to forgive. One day I was sleeping and my baby sister, Amira, woke me up at 5:00 A.M. with a nice slap to the face. Another time she threw water on me when I was sleeping. Another time she stole all my gum. Another time she told on me. You probably think she was nine or ten at the was only three. And at that time, I started contemplating what my life is going to be like when she gets older. She'll become more creative and I'm just about done.

But on a serious note, a case where you have to forgive someone who impacted your life and family in a negative way is difficult. However, one thing my father taught me, is that we are children of the light. Any child of the light, is different than the child of darkness. A child of the light forgives, while the child of the dark will hold a grudge. We are expected to be imitators of Jesus Christ. Jesus looked up to his father in heaven while he was hanging on the cross, and said, "Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do." Who are we not to forgive because our neighbour stole a couple hundred dollars, or even if they made you homeless. Jesus forgave the very people who put him to death. So next time, when it's your turn to forgive, say what Jesus said..."Father, forgive them. For they know not what they do."

One day, I had a dream. This message was directly from God the Father, through me, sent to my father. In other words, I had the dream of God the Father speaking with my father. The purpose of this dream was because my father was always speaking about the sins of his past, and how unworthy he is. How he doesn't deserve to have eternal life because of his past life.

The dream I had was the following. I saw my father sitting in front of a big sea. He was sitting alone and writing his sins on the sand. I saw a man dressed in a brown robe approaching my father, and sat beside him. In the dream, I sensed that it was God the Father. He asked my father, "My son, what are you writing?". My father replied, "My sins. How are you going to forgive me after everything I did against you. I don't deserve you. I'm not worthy of you. I deserve to be in hell all my life because of what I did to you my Lord." The Lord answered him, "Do not speak to me like this. You are my child and I love you just as I love my son Jesus. What did you do against me?" My father replied, "My Lord, you know what I did against you. I'm so ashamed because of what I did against you." The Lord answered him, "My child, just as the writings of the ink on paper are washed away and can be read no more once tossed into the sea, so I can no longer read your sins. This is why I said, I don't know what you are speaking about. From now and on, call me your father, because you are my son. I love you beyond the words I speak to you. Do not bring up your sins anymore and calling yourself unworthy of me. Your heart is a treasure to me. Promise me this?" My father answered the Lord, "I promise you."

You can't always paint your life with the sins of the past. We have to develop and grow in the love of God. If you're always bringing up the sins of your past and saying negative things about yourself, you didn't fully grow yet. There's two parts in growing development spiritually. First, stop the evil. Second, get past it and move on. Many people are more concerned with their past, rather than the present and the future. An example I learned from my father is that you can't always look at the rear view mirror every time you drive. If you're prioritizing your past more than your future, you're driving and your eyes are fixed completely on your rearview mirror. You're going to crash. But if you check your rearview mirror every here and there, but your main focus is what's in front of you, you're going to live.

The Lord shows us the ultimate example and standard of forgiving and forgetting. We MUST become imitators of that example.

This is an excellent question that we all should be asking ourselves. How do we grow spiritually? oftentimes, not many of us think about these things. We are too focused on growing in wealth, properity, love, e.t.c. We focus our mindsets on the things of this world instead of the unseen. The unseen meaning God.

It's sad and depressing to see that God has put in all of the effort for us, yet many of his creation wants to put in the effort for him. For example, praying, going to the Holy Mass, e.t.c. We must put in the effort for God just as he does for us. We must remember, however, that we do not do it as a means of repaying God for all of the things he has done for us, but out of love.

Therefore, to answer your question about how we can grow spiritually, it is by doing the things God loves. That is the greatest way to grow spiritually. For instance, if you do the things that God loves, that means that you will love all people. You will show kindness and care to everyone. You will be a representative image of Christ on earth. In order to become a spiritual person one must have Christ like attributes. Without Christ, we cannot call ourselves spiritual.

The Love of God is great, and it is key to have in order to grow spiritually. Without the love of God, we cannot grow. What is the main motive and reason for getting into trouble? What makes someone not spiritual? It is through their sin and hatred. For example, the robber hates that his neighbor has more so he steals. The killer hates that his friend is doing better in business than he is so he kills. The adulterer does not have love for God or his friend so he commits himself to adultery. All these things are done out of hate, and not love. Without God, and they do not have God.

In order to grow spiritual, strengthen your love for God and for others. Without the love of God we cannot grow spiritually. Therefore, from this day forward, strengthen yourself in the arms of our Lord Jesus Christ, and live your entire life for his greater glory.

What is God's desire for me? God's desire for me is the same desire that he has for you! For us to be with him forever in his kingdom. That is God's ultimate desire for all of his children here on the earth. Plenty of people want different desires to come forth from God. For example, they want God to grant them wealth, a nice car, a good comfortable life, success, e.t.c. That is not the priority for God.

The priority for God is not to make us happy here on earth. The priority of God is to put us through the things in life he believes will bring us to the top, and eventually lead us to heaven. Ultimately, heaven is the goal for God. The Lord does not place anything before us in our life except for helping us to get into his kingdom.

Once you are set for entering his kingdom and God believes that you are all set and ready to go, then you may receive the next things that you want granted. However, do not be surprised if some things are not granted to you. Remember that as a child of God, he only does for you what he sees fit in his eyes. For example, if God knows that if you win the lottery you will end up in a terrible afterlife, he won't grant it to you. It is in your best interests.

We have to understand God's beautiful desire for us. Although it may not be what we were looking for, I can guarantee you that it is much more worth it than what we desire as people of the flesh.

You see, God sees differrently than we see. We see from the human eyes who only see the present. God's eyes see the past, present and the future. If we see something we want but it will make us worse in the future, God may not grant it and your might not like it, but a good father will always do what he sees fit in his eyes.

The Gospel of Mark was written in colloquial Greek, in a vigorous, dramatic style. It presents Jesus Christ as a man of action and power who performed miracle and other mighty deeds, a human being and yet the Son of God. Mark says nothing about the birth and boyhood of Jesus. The Gospel has three divisions.

If we look at no other scripture than Matthew 5:17-48 we can clearly define the role of the law and Jesus’ participation in the law. For in this scripture we see Jesus proclaim the law, Jesus interpret the law for all of mankind, Jesus fulfilled the law; and Jesus make the law applicable today, and forever and always. Works Cited Bruegemann, Walter.

Isaiah predicted that Jesus would teach the law“for the sake of his righteousness, to magnify his teaching and make it glorious” (Isa. 42:21). And this Jesus did for the sake of the Lord’s righteousness. Jesus’ Fulfillment of the Law Jesus came in fulfillment of the law. Jesus said Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.

It was during this balagtasan that Jose Corazon de Jesus, known as Huseng Batute, emerged triumphant to become the first king of the Balagtasan. Jose Corazon de Jesus was the finest master of the genre. He was later followed by balagtasistas, Emilio Mar Antonio and Crescenciano Marquez, who also became King of the Balagtasan in their own time.

Jesus and the Law: An Ancient Text in a Postmodern Context In looking at Jesus and the law we must acknowledge that Jesus is the fulfillment of the old covenant. Every theme in the Old Testament points forward towards Jesus. The law is the character of God written in a language which human beings can understand.

Jesus also took the second avenue available to a man of flesh by dying for our sins. The law demanded death for anyone who did not live in obedience to it, and He died on behalf of everyone whose obedience waned. Therefore Jesus was the fulfillment of the law and through Him we can find life and not death if we chose to walk with him along the avenues of life.

The antonym for pride is humility. Humility is the actions and thoughts of being humble and modest. Humility was a character trait that Jesus exemplified perfectly. In John 13 we find an example of humility; Jesus knelt down and washed His own disciple’s feet. Jesus did all this with a grateful heart and attitude of humility.

One recommendation of the boob is that ministers should use Jesus like an example to them of how to treat the trauma/ crisis victims. This is because Jesus portrayed his ability to accept those individuals who were hurting. In this regard, Jesus was able to help and love individuals through their grief through this acceptance.

Even the seemingly civilized Ralph and Piggy are not as civilized as they appear, as we see when they participate in the hunters’ dance that kills Simon. Simon can also represent Jesus because of his confrontation with the Lord of the Flies, who can represent the devil. The confrontation between the two can be seen as a parallel to Jesus’ confrontation with the devil during Jesus’ forty days in the wilderness.

Jesus showed the way to heaven, by following his teachings. Jesus showed life after death when he resurrected from the death. Jesus taught Christians for God to give you life after death, you have to prove your faith by actions and putting the teachings of Jesus into a Christians daily life. So Christians did this.

His teaching is the basis of Baptist today. His life is told in only the Gospels and not much is really known about the man who came before Jesus to preach the word of God and of Jesus’ coming. INTRODUCTION: John the Baptist practiced preaching and baptizing Jews in the river Jordan. He was the one who recognized Jesus as the messiah and baptized him.

The law demanded perfection, and Jesus was certainly encouraging people to pursue perfection. Jesus pursued this same perfection and was not without temptation. He was flesh and blood. Jesus was a human being with all of our frailties, needs, and desires. He was as much a human as any human being on earth.

” This quotation suggests that he has angered the heavens and makes a religious reference to the betrayal of sacrifice of Jesus. Similar to the betrayel of Jesus, he has betrayed Desdemona’s pure qualities and love. There is irony involved because he killed Desdemona who had the qualities of a Saint who was always willing to forgive Othello for his actions.

Jesus was the fulfillment of the law, lived in obedience to the law and taught obedience to the law. He knew that in order for us to touch the heart of God, or even diligently stretch out our imperfect fingertips toward God, we must be obedient to the Law. Jesus’ Interpretation of the Law Jesus spent a great deal of His time interpreting the law for us.

But Jesus came in fulfillment of the law. Jesus walked on both avenues of the Law. He took the first avenue by living a life in absolute obedience to the Law. He was God manifested in the flesh. God became as a man and lived perfectly, because there was no sin within Him. On the first avenue, Jesus fulfilled the law, by living in obedience to its demands.

While contrasting the attitudes, and results of Jesus in the Bible, with the attitudes and results of Satan in the book Paradise Lost I discovered many comparing themes. The attitudes of Jesus that we find in the Bible are great examples for us all on how to live our lives, compared to the attitudes of Satan, whose life we may not want to follow in an example. Always when we understand Jesus’ true character, we find that Satan’s true character is the exact opposite of His.

There are many similarities in the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. Most are discussed specifically in their sermons. With Christianity the sermon was called “Sermon on the Mount”. Jesus went up a mountainside and spoke to his disciples and the crowds of people. It stated the right ways for us to approach God and to deal with other people.

During the Sermon on the Mount Jesus proclaimed that people should put on God’s holiness. He taught the people of the very character of God. Jesus taught the law as the covenant between God and man and as the way to God. Jesus does not interpret the law as the Pharisees did which sought to enslave the people within a heavy yoke, which they were always unable to bear.

In this scene’s it perhaps showed the mystery in the man that represents Caravaggio’s sarcasm, his sardonic version of Jesus, who, after all, is the one who knocked Saul senseless. If so, what is it that Caravaggio is secretly saying about Jesus? We will never know, but the possibility is at least entertaining.

” People who have a religious faith lead better lives than people who have no faith, because they see life differently “ A) Explain the beliefs and teachings of Christianity and Islam. In Christianity: Jesus In Islam: Tawhid and Akirah Tawhid is the oneness of Allah. The one and only universal God of all humanity.

Thirdly, several people listened to both of them but not everyone believed and followed their teachings. Fourth is the fact that they are both great influence, Socrates on European thought, and Jesus to the Christian world generally (Gaarder 55). Fifth, Jesus and Socrates both experienced dying in an exceptionally dramatic manner (Gaarder 55).

The New Testament gospel is a written account of Jesus life. According to Christianity, Jesus had twelve disciples who were all men whom he appointed to be the leaders of the church. This is viewed as the reason why church leadership is often reserved for men. Because priests represent Jesus, then having male priests is considered to be right.

The second answer is Jesus. Jesus, who took sin upon himself to cover the sins of the universe for us. Jesus did three things to solve the problem of suffering. First, he came. He suffered with us. Second, in becoming man he changed the meaning of our suffering: it is now part of his work of redemption.

And although we cannot see Jesus, we can sense His love for us as the Spirit shed it abroad in our hearts. In many ways, we know Him better than if we knew Him from His mere physical presence. As Peter wrote, “Though you have not seen Him, you love Him, and though you do not see Him now, but believe in Him, you greatly rejoice with joy inexpressible and full of glory.

This was a collection of sayings, the Gospel of Matthew, stated by Jesus himself. This sermon, which is located in the New Testament, is the longest teaching from Jesus. With Buddhism, Gautama Buddha was known as their spiritual leader. He was said to have “attained Nirvana” or to have achieved a state where suffering is eliminated through the abandonment of desires.

This is a new use for the city of New York, which looks remarkably spotless; even its vulgar skyscrapers edge toward magnificence when the infinitely long shots immerse them. Against this normality of steel and concrete, the characters come on like kids at a junior high reunion, clothed in comic book colors and bright tattered rags. Only two characters have names: Jesus, and a character who plays both John (who baptized Jesus in the bible) and Judas (who denied and betrayed Jesus).

Another argument that is presented to support gender bias in Christianity is the selection of all Jesus’ apostles as men (The Good News Bible, Mark 3:13-35). Christians believe that Jesus was the son of God who suffered, died, and resurrected for their salvation. Jesus is considered to be the Christians’ model of a virtuous life, a physical incarnation of God, and a revealer of God’s message.

The Introduction (1:1-4:16) gives the genealogy of Jesus and tells of his birth, infancy, and preparation. The second division (4: 17-16:28) includes the Sermon on the Mount and deals mainly with the public ministry of Jesus. The third division (17: 1-20:34) deals mainly with Jesus’ private ministry with his disciples and stresses the requirements of true discipleship.

It remembers having a mother and being out of the tool room in the sunlight. The child is an allusion to the Jesus Christ of the Protestant church who died on the cross for the sins of mankind that the wrath of God would be satisfied and the people, after receiving Jesus as their savior could live an eternal life in heaven, a true utopia with no suffering allowed within the gates. “For God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

In the novel, he says, “It’s love. I love people so much I’m fit to bust, sometimes. ” (23) This showed that Casy wanted people to lean rely on each other. He believed that people struggling together was by far better than one person struggling alone. Both Jesus Christ and Jim Casy go to the wilderness to get their thoughts and beliefs together.

Steinbeck portrays Jim Casy as Jesus Christ in order to show that people working together will give them hope and strength. Steinbeck sends the message that people must always look towards a brighter future and stick together. He says, “But when they’re all workin’ together, not one fella for another fella, but one fella kind of harnessed to the hole shebang-that’s holy.

Jesus was tried by a Roman governor and executed by the standard Roman penalty of crucifixion. Disciples of Jesus attempted to write about his life and record his sayings in four books that came to be called the Gospels, explaining that Jesus had been divine. Jesus’ preachings were deeply Jewish, with Jesus as the shepherd of his people.

God’s plan began in Eden with the fall of man and every act of God was directed towards this end; that Jesus would come to earth to die as our perfect and permanent sin sacrifice. Jesus came in fulfillment of the prophetic foreshadowing presented in the Old Testament. So if we are to choose one scripture to study regarding Jesus and the law we can safely and aptly choose Matthew, chapter 5 and versus 17-48; the Sermon on the Mount.

Those who do carry out the mission to such an extent can face lots of prejudice and hatred. Service is another important part of Christian life today. Jesus showed us this as he was a leader, but also served – the disciples and those who he healed – Jesus brought this service to such an extent that he sacrificed himself.

In early Hinduism, Jesus Christ has no particular role in the religion and is not even mentioned in their scriptures; however, due to the rise of Christianity, Hindu thinkers thought of a place where they could put Jesus Christ in their religion. According to Reid and Corduan (2008), since Hinduism is a polytheistic religion, the Hindus viewed Jesus Christ as one of the incarnations or avatars of Brahman who, like Rama and Krishna, is a “divine self-embodiment” in order to preserve Hindu teachings and another way was by saying that Jesus Christ spent his “silent years” in India to proclaim the teachings of Hinduism. Nevertheless, Hindus’ incorporation of Jesus Christ into their religion does not seem to fit properly.

Basic Belief Systems Buddhism is different from Christianity in many ways. The Christian founder, Jesus Christ was the Son of The Father, God, while the founder of Buddhism, Siddhartha Gautama was a normal human being, who achieved enlightenment through meditation and later on was referred to as The Buddha(The Awakened). This brings us to the first major difference, the existence of the supernatural.

” (418) This showed that Casy was successful in spreading his message. He was able to make Tom realize the importance of a community during desperate times. Though Tom was just one person, he was sure that his people would soon get his message. Steinbeck portrays Jim Casy as Jesus Christ in order to emphasize the importance of unity in a community and also to give people enough hope and strength to allow them to carry on.

Thank you for taking the time to submit your questions to me. If you do have any questions please submit them to my email or via the contact form on my website. It is always a great honor and priviledge for me to be writing to you in hopes of your healing. I have been receiving plenty of beautiful responses and it joys my heart to hear. I am looking forward to answering another one of your questions soon.

May God bless us all.

Walid F Rafo.

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