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Welcome to Walid Rafo Advice!

I am a Spiritual Counsellor and I have opened up this site to help those in need. Specifically, those who are encountering certain obstacles in life. It is a great blessing to be in this position. A position where I can help others just as Christ has helped others. Most things I have had experience with, and others I have learned from. Either way, I do not answer questions I am not knowledgable of. I will take my time to respond if I must. Either way, I will make sure that your question is answered as soon as possible, and to get you the assistance you need through my writing.

My feelings with the Lord are strong. I feel to love him above all. More than myself, more than my family, more than my father and mother, more than my kids, more than anyone on this earth. Why? Because he has shown me the proof of his holy love. He died on the cross for the forgiveness of my sins and the whole world. He has given us a new and better life with him. He has given us a new heart and a new mind. He has blessed us with his most Holy Spirit.

My feelings with the Lord are that he is the only one that truly provides and assures security from all harm, evil, dirty spirits and the enemy. It is so sad to know that there are maybe three percent of people in this world that care about the feelings of the Lord, because he is so valuable and dear to our hearts. He is the Holy Trinity. The Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. He is the Alpha and the Omega. He is the light of the light. He is above heaven and earth. Above the seen and the unseen and all of creation.

I kneel on my knees and bow with my head to the ground seven times in my chapel and I never leave him alone. My chapel always has candles lit to represent the Spirit of Our Father Almighty who is in heaven. Let him be presented in my chapel and in my soul.

When you pray, you accompany the Lord with you. Especially, when you pray with purity and you leave everything out of your mind and focus solely on the Lord our God. He will then hear your prayer in truth. Praise his holy name day and night without end of him. I will praise his holy glory and I will never have enough from doing so. We must show him love, even until the last breath of our life we must say, "Lord Jesus I love you. You died for me and I want to die for you." He is the only gateway into the kingdom of heaven. There is no other.

Even if heaven and earth pass away, your words will never pass away but it will always remain one. Everyday, I kiss his holy name at least two hundred times. My lips are always filled with his praise for the wonderful Father that he is. I am following his commandments and I go by his holy will. I do not go by my own will because I know that it will result in failure. He is the only King of the kings that lights a path in our life to get rid of the darkness. Without him, we are blindfolded many times and will forever be a lost people. Without him, we will be haunted and tempted by the evil one, and the darkness will only be found without a life.

My advice for everyone in this earth is to never leave the Lord alone. If you are alone, in your room, driving, at work, walking, anywhere that you are always praise his holy name. Do not be ahsamed to mention his holy name in front of your friends, family, or even strangers. You have to know that he is the only one who created us and brought us forth into the world. We are always breathing his spirit. Without him, there is no life. Always pray, tender his heart, and never give up. Then, you will see his right hand above your head. Do not commit to sin. This is against the Lord and against yourself.

Todays blog will be about a dream I had not too long ago. Roughly one month ago. This dream was because I did not have full trust in the Lord. Some days I would trust, but other days I would doubt. I am not ashamed to mention it. That is why I am writing these blogs. To be truthful and not to hide anything from you. I write these blogs to speak the truth of Christ, it is for Jesus, not for myself.

If you read my previous blogs, you took note about how Solomon gave me a plan to establish my wealth in the earth. I was most definitely glad when I received that message. Who doesn't want to receive a dream about how they can establish success on earth? My problem, was that as the days began to pass by from excitement, I started to think, "What if this doesn't work? What if I do something wrong along the way and ruin it? Is God really going to be with me throughout this process?" I had questions and I was doubting.

After about twenty days, I had a dream. I saw God the Father standing on top of the mountain. He was completely covered. All I could see from him was the clothes around him and the bright white light that surrounded the area. It seemed to be a summer day. I climbed the mountain, and when I reached the top I was very tired. I went on my knees in front of the Lord, and placed my forehead on the ground. Then, I heard his voice, "Why do you not trust in me?" Now, I began thinking to myself, how will I answer this question? I answered, "My Lord, sometimes I begin to doubt because nothing has happened yet." He replied, "Be in doubt if I did not give you a plan and it is your own. But if I have given you a plan, there is no need to doubt and worry." He continued, "Because you doubted me, I want you to do as I instruct as a reminder that I kept my promise to you. For everyday, from the day you wake up, I want you to kneel in my room (the chapel in our home) for ten minutes and say 'My Lord Jesus Christ, I trust in you.' Then, when I bless you greatly, I want you to say, 'My Lord Jesus Christ, I trust in you, thank you for your blessings.' I want you to do this until you are seventy-five. Then, you may stop."

This was my dream. And everyday for ten minutes, I kneel and repeatedly say, "My Lord Jesus Christ, I trust in you." Today, I have never trusted in the Lord as much as I do now. By doing as the Lord instructed, I feel that I have great trust in him. See, we may not know why the Lord instructs us to do as he says, but after we follow his instructions, we see the beauty behind it. Because of these ten minutes, my trust in the Lord has strengthened beyond these words I write can explain.

Let us always say together, "My Lord Jesus Christ, I trust in you."

How often have we lost trust in God because things aren't going according to our plans. You know why? Because they are our plans. Sometimes God works in mysterious ways that we don't quite understand. However, God knows what he's doing. God says that he has plans to make us prosper and not to harm us. What father wants to harm their child? No father. God always wants and desires what's best for us. Things might also take time. Remember, Gods goal isn't to make you a king of wealth on earth. His goal is to save you and keep you in his kingdom for eternity. So before he blesses you greatly, you have to be blessed spiritually. The unseen is much greater than the seen.

Very often, I hear everyone talking about how they pray to God everyday. When I ask about what? They say, "To win the lotto max!" Really? What else do you pray for. They answer, "To be wealthy and to get a nice Ferrari." Well, I'd hate to break it to you, but if that's all you've been praying for your going to be driving your scooter to work for the rest of your life. A child who only asks his father for things he wants, and doesn't please or speak to his father for anything else, is a rotten and spoiled child. The blessed child is the one that speaks to his father regardless of the circumstances he's in. Our Father in heaven can help us regardless of what situation we are in. Let us always call upon the name of the Lord for his daily help and care.

I agree, and poverty around the world saddens me also. To see the poor with nothing to eat and nothing to drink. They have no one to care for them and no one to clothe them. They are left without shelter.

The poor are a beautiful example for us to always be grateful and never picky over what we have. When my children were younger and I made them food, sometimes they were not thankful and didn't want to eat. I did not want them to grow up this way. I always loved to raise them in discipline, teaching them right from wrong, good from evil. If I discipline they will love me when they grow older, but if I spoil them they will hate me instead.

As I noticed they were becoming picky with their food, and din't appreciate the daily food given to them, I opened the television and showed them the children in third world countries and how they live with nothing and have nothing. They drank dirty water, and some were lucky to have bread and tea. Their houses were made of sticks and when they sleep the rain falls on them. After showing them this, they became emotional and finished their food.

Then, I would bring my children to our chapel and show them our Lord Jesus who sacrificed on the earth and suffered for us. He was humble and appreciated everything that was given to him. They learned in this way and teaching. To thank God always for the daily bread and water that is given for the day. He has provided a roof and enough for the day. Food, shelter, health, e.t.c.

We cannot mix all the rich in what I am going to say. Certain ones but not all. They have greed and pride. This is what destroys them. They do not think about others, nor do they care about the poor. Not even to offer the slightest gift to the poor. This is why there is poverty. Because of greed, and pride of human beings. Selfish and only caring for themselves and not caring for others.

I remember when I barely had any money, I cut from my own daily bread, somedays not eating, just to give to the poor, because I knew that they were in a worse position than I was. I was very poor during this time, but thanks be to God he always provided. I always placed myself in their shoes, and remembered to share my daily bread with them. This is why the Lord continues to provide for me in a way no one can ever understand. He has given us health, strength, and power through his name because we stood with the poor even when we were one of them.

If everyone reached into their pocket to support the poor around the world, there would be no world hunger or starvation. However, it is because of the severe greed and pride that has made this world fallen.

There is a story in the Bible about the poor and rich man. Im sure you remember this if you read your bible. Does the name, Lazurus, sound familiar? The rich man always fed himself everyday and had more than enough to last him years. The poor man seeked mercy from the rich man but it was never granted to him. The rich and the poor man later died. Because of the rich mans hardened heart, greed, pride, and because he was not merciful went to hell. The poor man went to heaven. While the poor man was in heaven, he looked over and saw the rich man burning up in flames. The rich man shouted, "Please, send me just a drop of water so that I may be releived just a little." As the poor man was about to show mercy, Abraham stopped him and said, "He did not show you mercy when you were on earth, so the judge has decided that he should receive the same." The skies were closed and the rich man continued to be tormented without mercy.

Let us always remember to show mercy upon the poor so that the Lord may have mercy upon us. Afterall, we are children of the most high. At least, that is what we are suppossed to be. Let us show mercy and help the poor. For if we were in that same position we to would want someone else to do the same.

When we die, there are no riches or anything at all that we will bring with us. You do not carry a luggage of money into your grave. From dust you have come into the world and to dust you will return. Let us always have giving hearts.

In John Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath, Steinbeck uses several characters and situations to symbol something greater. The character, Jim Casy, is portrayed as an allegorical figure that represents Jesus Christ. Casy’s ideals and beliefs are very similar to those of Jesus Christ. Jim Casy is used to represent Jesus Christ, and to give the people going through a hard time a glimpse of hope and strength.

Simon’s body was carried out by the waves and the way he was floating with his arms stretched out, replicates the way that Jesus died on the cross. Throughout the story, Simon is shown to have a very strong connection with Jesus by his actions of kindness. He displayed as a person with divine ties with Christ and a reminder that purity is everywhere, even when all hopes seem to be gone.

This allusion contains the simile, “body rolls back like a stone,” which connects the body in the spiritual post-coital moments with the stone in front of Jesus’ tomb, therefore connecting the persona with Jesus via an intense spiritual relationship. Also, the reference to a “risen spirit,” at Easter-time, further connects the persona’s euphoric and transcendent spiritual experience with the resurrection of Jesus, and therefore established a relationship between the persona and God. “AT MORNINGTON”: Response about MEMORY: Harwood’s poem, “At Mornington,” also utilises ideas of memory and Romantic influence to understand the process of life.

Simon was very calm and caring for others, especially with the little children and enjoyed being alone when he could. Simon embodies a pure spiritual human goodness that is deeply connected with nature and people around him as Jesus did with his disciples. Both Jesus and Simon had prophecies about things to come, and they were both persecuted and were ridiculed of for sharing those prophecies.

The Biblical allusion, “body rolls back like a stone, and risen spirit walks to Easter light,” contains the simile, “body rolls back like a stone,” which connects the body in the spiritual post-coital moments with the stone in front of Jesus’ tomb. This connection highlights how such experiences can bring one’s spirit closer to God. Also, the reference to a “risen spirit,” at Easter-time, further connects the persona’s euphoric and transcendent spiritual experience with the resurrection of Jesus, and therefore connects the persona with God.

Lastly, both Jesus Christ’s and Jim Casy’s beliefs are spread after their deaths. When Jim Casy is brutally murdered, Tom Joad vows to spread Casy’s beliefs onto more people. Jesus Christ and Jim Casy share many similarities, a few being in their names, their love for humanity, their wilderness experiences, and their sacrifices.

In contrast, the other jurors sweat, complain of the heat and display flaring tempers. One of the more subtle connections I made was that the antagonist was an architect by trade. I knew from Bible study that Jesus was a carpenter. It was not until I was advised to check the etymology of the word architect that this connection became concrete.

Jesus is the manifestation of God’s offer of life and love to all the believers since that Jesus is his son. He cares no less for those who are His disciples today. His promises are still valid; His power has not diminished; and His person is unchanging. We do not have the benefit of His physical presence, but we have His Spirit.

God loves his believers so much that He gave His most priceless possession, the most cherished thing He had, Jesus. God is pictured in His Son, Jesus, a Man Who loved everybody, even the poorest and the worst of all. He came for love and lived in love and died for love that we might live and love forever!

Steinbeck portrays Jim Casy as Jesus Christ. The first notable comparison between them would be their initials. Both Jesus Christ and Jim Casy have the same initials. They also both have a strong love for humanity and saw the good in people. Jim Casy let people around him know that it shouldn’t be God that they should lean on, but on each other.

Jim Casy is a symbol of Jesus Christ. He is used to give his fellow people hope and strength by working together. He has several similarities with Jesus Christ in his life and even in his death. His beliefs and ideas provide hope and strength for those in need. Steinbeck used Jim Casy to give the Okies some spirit to carry on and look forward to a brighter future.

For example, it was against the Jewish law to work on the Sabbath but when people were in need, Jesus bent this rule and healed them. The largest connection Christianity has with Utilitarianism is the death of Jesus. He was crucified and died for the sins of mankind-sacrificing himself for the majority.

In this passage we shall examine four aspects, relating to Jesus and the law, which are; Jesus proclaims the law; Jesus’ interpretation of the law; Jesus’ fulfillment of the law; and Jesus and the law today. Jesus Proclaims the Law To understand the scripture found in Matthew we must recognize that in this time and in this place Jesus was speaking to the people during the Sermon on the Mount. Jesus was teaching the law of the old covenant because he had not died yet, and so the new covenant was not yet in practice.

I love to meet new people and win them over with the love of Jesus Christ by sharing the gospel. Sharing the gospel is a big responsibility in our every day walk with Christ, and having the strength of Woo helps in so many areas of ministry. For instance when I’m sharing my testimony to someone I have to be able to connect and win people over by sharing how Jesus changed my life, and that’s using the strength woo.

If we look at no other scripture than Matthew 5:17-48 we can clearly define the role of the law and Jesus’ participation in the law. For in this scripture we see Jesus proclaim the law, Jesus interpret the law for all of mankind, Jesus fulfilled the law; and Jesus make the law applicable today, and forever and always. Works Cited Bruegemann, Walter.

Isaiah predicted that Jesus would teach the law“for the sake of his righteousness, to magnify his teaching and make it glorious” (Isa. 42:21). And this Jesus did for the sake of the Lord’s righteousness. Jesus’ Fulfillment of the Law Jesus came in fulfillment of the law. Jesus said Do not think that I have come to abolish the law or the prophets; I have come not to abolish but to fulfill.

Jesus and the Law: An Ancient Text in a Postmodern Context In looking at Jesus and the law we must acknowledge that Jesus is the fulfillment of the old covenant. Every theme in the Old Testament points forward towards Jesus. The law is the character of God written in a language which human beings can understand.

The antonym for pride is humility. Humility is the actions and thoughts of being humble and modest. Humility was a character trait that Jesus exemplified perfectly. In John 13 we find an example of humility; Jesus knelt down and washed His own disciple’s feet. Jesus did all this with a grateful heart and attitude of humility.

One of these is that he is a biblical parallel; Simon portrays a saintly figure, and shows many of the qualities demonstrated by Jesus Christ. He demonstrates a strong connection with nature throughout, and also is shown to be a character of strong goodwill and kindness. One of the reasons Simon is often thought of as a biblical parallel to Jesus Christ is because of his encounter with “The beast”, which shows a strong resemblance to Jesus’ 40 days in the desert, in which he encountered the Devil and was tempted by him to leave his mission.

Jesus showed the way to heaven, by following his teachings. Jesus showed life after death when he resurrected from the death. Jesus taught Christians for God to give you life after death, you have to prove your faith by actions and putting the teachings of Jesus into a Christians daily life. So Christians did this.

“The Assurance of Hope”. Continuum International Publishing Group, 2006. xix. ISBN 0-8264-8271-6 Mckeating, Scott. http://www. stylusmagazine. com/articles/seconds/gavin-bryars-jesus-blood-never-failed-me-yet. htm Grimshaw, Jeremy. “All Music Guide”. http://www. answers. com/topic/jesus-blood-never-failed-me-yet-orchestral-classical-work http://www.

Another glaring difference between the two religions occurred in connection with the death of Jesus and Muhammad. While Muhammad died peacefully in his bed because of some illness, his death divided the Muslim world into the Shi’a and the Sunni Muslims. Jesus, on the other hand, died a violent death (he was tortured and crucified), but his death strengthened and unified his people.

The law demanded perfection, and Jesus was certainly encouraging people to pursue perfection. Jesus pursued this same perfection and was not without temptation. He was flesh and blood. Jesus was a human being with all of our frailties, needs, and desires. He was as much a human as any human being on earth.

During the Renaissance, religion was an integral factor in society; as a result, it was very much involved in the art and culture. Bellini’s famous Madonna and Child is originally a religious painting which is believed to depict the Virgin Mary and Jesus, causing popularity and appeal amongst the religious audience of the time. A compelling message behind this painting is the affection and serenity present; even though it is not overly emotional; the connection between the Virgin Mary and Jesus is evident.

If there is any connections between Jesus ant the Dead Sea Scrolls, it is through John, who was “in the desert until the day of his manifestation to Israel” The child John grew up to become a herald of God’s coming kingdom, the messiah and the mentor of Jesus. The Gospel of Luke provides some of the chronological history of John the Baptist. According to Luke, John began to preach his baptism of repentance in the fifteenth year of Tiberius.

Jesus was the fulfillment of the law, lived in obedience to the law and taught obedience to the law. He knew that in order for us to touch the heart of God, or even diligently stretch out our imperfect fingertips toward God, we must be obedient to the Law. Jesus’ Interpretation of the Law Jesus spent a great deal of His time interpreting the law for us.

But Jesus came in fulfillment of the law. Jesus walked on both avenues of the Law. He took the first avenue by living a life in absolute obedience to the Law. He was God manifested in the flesh. God became as a man and lived perfectly, because there was no sin within Him. On the first avenue, Jesus fulfilled the law, by living in obedience to its demands.

While contrasting the attitudes, and results of Jesus in the Bible, with the attitudes and results of Satan in the book Paradise Lost I discovered many comparing themes. The attitudes of Jesus that we find in the Bible are great examples for us all on how to live our lives, compared to the attitudes of Satan, whose life we may not want to follow in an example. Always when we understand Jesus’ true character, we find that Satan’s true character is the exact opposite of His.

There are many similarities in the teachings of Jesus and Buddha. Most are discussed specifically in their sermons. With Christianity the sermon was called “Sermon on the Mount”. Jesus went up a mountainside and spoke to his disciples and the crowds of people. It stated the right ways for us to approach God and to deal with other people.

During the Sermon on the Mount Jesus proclaimed that people should put on God’s holiness. He taught the people of the very character of God. Jesus taught the law as the covenant between God and man and as the way to God. Jesus does not interpret the law as the Pharisees did which sought to enslave the people within a heavy yoke, which they were always unable to bear.

Thirdly, several people listened to both of them but not everyone believed and followed their teachings. Fourth is the fact that they are both great influence, Socrates on European thought, and Jesus to the Christian world generally (Gaarder 55). Fifth, Jesus and Socrates both experienced dying in an exceptionally dramatic manner (Gaarder 55).

This was a collection of sayings, the Gospel of Matthew, stated by Jesus himself. This sermon, which is located in the New Testament, is the longest teaching from Jesus. With Buddhism, Gautama Buddha was known as their spiritual leader. He was said to have “attained Nirvana” or to have achieved a state where suffering is eliminated through the abandonment of desires.

The Introduction (1:1-4:16) gives the genealogy of Jesus and tells of his birth, infancy, and preparation. The second division (4: 17-16:28) includes the Sermon on the Mount and deals mainly with the public ministry of Jesus. The third division (17: 1-20:34) deals mainly with Jesus’ private ministry with his disciples and stresses the requirements of true discipleship.

It goes on to read “Shame on the coward caitiff hands/ That smote their Lord of with a kiss/ Betrayed him to the rabble-rout/ Of fawning priests – no friends of his” (132). That part of the poem is talking about how Parnell was thrown out by his own people. By saying the people “smote their Lord with a kiss” (132), the poem is making a clear connection between the people of Ireland and Judas, the betrayer of Jesus.

God sent his son Jesus to earth to help and gather God’s believers and to show them how God loves them and also to help cure their sickness. God is the great Spirit of Love Who created this beautiful World and the entire Universe! To show us His Love and to help us understand Himself, He sent His Own Son to Earth.

In the novel, he says, “It’s love. I love people so much I’m fit to bust, sometimes. ” (23) This showed that Casy wanted people to lean rely on each other. He believed that people struggling together was by far better than one person struggling alone. Both Jesus Christ and Jim Casy go to the wilderness to get their thoughts and beliefs together.

Both Jesus Christ and Jim Casy also sacrificed themselves to protect others. Tom Joad, who already committed the crime of breaking his parole and leaving Oklahoma, knocked out a deputy. He was then instantly put in the danger of going back to prison. Jim Casy selflessly offers to take the blame and go to jail instead of Tom so that Tom would be able to lead the family.

Steinbeck portrays Jim Casy as Jesus Christ in order to show that people working together will give them hope and strength. Steinbeck sends the message that people must always look towards a brighter future and stick together. He says, “But when they’re all workin’ together, not one fella for another fella, but one fella kind of harnessed to the hole shebang-that’s holy.

God’s plan began in Eden with the fall of man and every act of God was directed towards this end; that Jesus would come to earth to die as our perfect and permanent sin sacrifice. Jesus came in fulfillment of the prophetic foreshadowing presented in the Old Testament. So if we are to choose one scripture to study regarding Jesus and the law we can safely and aptly choose Matthew, chapter 5 and versus 17-48; the Sermon on the Mount.

There were a number of things Mill did to change Utilitarianism. Mill said: “Better to be a human dissatisfied than a pig satisfied; better to be a Socrates dissatisfied than a fool satisfied. ” Mill also linked Utilitarianism with Christian morality. He connected the theory with the teachings of Jesus.

Thank you for taking the time to read todays post. It always brings me great joy when I see that you are asking counseling questions and are seeking any sort of guidance, most especially the questions that deal with our relationship with God and how we can strengthen such a relationship. If you have any counseling questions, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or through the contact form on my website. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

May God bless us always.

Walid F Rafo.

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