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I am a Spiritual Counsellor and I have opened up this site to help those in need. Specifically, those who are encountering certain obstacles in life. It is a great blessing to be in this position. A position where I can help others just as Christ has helped others. Most things I have had experience with, and others I have learned from. Either way, I do not answer questions I am not knowledgable of. I will take my time to respond if I must. Either way, I will make sure that your question is answered as soon as possible, and to get you the assistance you need through my writing.

Have you ever witnessed or heard of a miracle before? What was your reaction? Did you give glory to God, or did you try to establish a scientific answer? I praise God when I hear or witness a miracle. I’ve experienced many miracles in my life, hence the reason why I decided to preach about it. Not all the miracles I experienced happened to me, but to others also. I know there are many miracles that have occurred around the world with the saints and ordinary Christians, but I want to keep today’s talk based on my personal experiences.

The power of Miracles can really change people’s lives and the way individuals think. The first miracle I recall is when my father healed a nineteen-year-old teenager from cancer. I was going to high school at the time and didn’t have my license, so my father would pick me up in my spare and we’d go for an espresso at a bakery nearby. Everyone my father talks to, he says “God bless you.” So, when the owner of the bakery saw that he was a spiritual man, she kindly started to converse with him. Later in the conversation, she got emotional about how one of her customers’ son has cancer. She explained very thoroughly about how the parents are very stressed because the doctors had the results that cancer has fully spread throughout his body, and will die in no more than three months or sooner. The family was completely devastated! So, the owner kindly asked my father to pray for the young boy. My father asked for his first and last name and promised to pray for Joseph. She was very thankful. My father went home the same day and lit a candle with Joseph’s name in front of the candle and his petition. My father began to pray that Joseph is healed in the name of Jesus Christ and through the intercession of Our Lady our most blessed Mother Mary. He wept and heard the Spirit within him say that Joseph will be healed, and will remain healed, so long as he resumes to attending Mass to receive the holiest Body and blood of Christ. My father rejoiced of course, and the next day we went to the bakery together. As soon as he entered the bakery, the owner began to break down from tears and excitement, exclaiming, “He is healed! Joseph is healed! It is because of you he is healed! The doctors did a diagnosis and concluded he is 99% cancer-free. They don’t know how he got rid of it, but I do!” And my father stopped her and said “It is not I who have done this, but it was a gift from the heart of Jesus and his mother Mary.” She was so thankful and offered him to take anything he wants from the bakery as a token of thanks from her. We didn’t take anything but left her with blessings and well-being. Joseph started going to Mass not once a week, but every day to give thanks to God for what he has done to him. Do you see how the Power of Miracles can change someone’s life for the better? While everyone was angry at God because Joseph had cancer, God was planning to take that evil and turn it around and make it better for Joseph, to create this more intimate relationship between them. Joseph talked about how before he got cancer, he was very against the idea of God, but after his healing, has been closer to God like never before. Our God is great, and he has a plan for you. Just trust in him!

Another miracle I know of deals with a financial and resurrection miracle at the same time. It was at Marylake Shrine. A few years ago, my Father’s mother was in critical care and about to die. We were all waiting in the hallway until my grandfather came out of the room and in such agony and sorrow began to yell “She is dead! She is no longer alive! My sons, your mother is dead!” Weeping, and gnashing his teeth, he sat down to rest. My Father’s heart shattered because his mother was the closest person to him. The way she treated him, fed him, took care of him, respected him, loved him, and the way his mother was so respectful, loving, kind, and helpful drove my father into tears. My father’s mother was one of those very strict old fashioned types of mothers, which I highly admire. She always dressed in clothing that covers her body. She always stayed home cooking and cleaning and taking care of the family. She’s someone I can easily say was the perfect mother. So, as you can imagine my father is devastated. He left the hospital and drove to the Marylake Shrine, went into the chapel weeping and gnashing his teeth. At the time, all the lights in Marylake were shut because of electrical issues, and the electrician needed thousands and thousands of dollars for repairs. Father Eugene was there at the time stressed because that’s a lot of money on the line. Keep in mind my father is in the chapel praying for his dead mother. He looked up to the blessed Mother Mary statue asking for her to ask Christ her son to bring his mother back to life. Weeping, he heard her voice. “Go, I have seen your tears, my son. I will grant her three more years of life.” At the same time that the blessed mother said this, all the lights in Marylake turned on shining as if they were brand new. Father Eugene ran quickly to my father and said “May our blessed mother forgive me for interrupting your prayer, get up, you just did a miracle and you saved us many thousands of dollars.” The electrician came into the room and said it is indeed a miracle because there is no possible way the lights can be powered on in the situation it’s in. That’s how father Eugene and my Father began to connect and grow a strong relationship. So, after their conversation, my father drove back to the hospital, went to the floor that his mother was in, and exclaimed to everyone that his mother is not dead, she is still alive. The doctors came forth and said “All the machines have been taken off for a few hours now. I’m so sorry again but she’s passed away. It would take a miracle to bring her back to life.” And as soon as the doctors finished saying that, my father’s mother breathed, opened her eyes, and smiled. Since then, she lived exactly three years and a few months and then passes away. It’s absolutely beautiful how the prayer of a righteous man goes very far. If you have great faith, I can assure you all will go well. Trust in God!

The next miracle I know of is when my father prayed for a priest’s sleep to be well, and it was so. A priest who was very close with my Father asked him to pray that he sleeps well in the night since he hasn’t been sleeping at all, about 2-3 hours every night. My Father promised to pray for him and he began to sleep from 6-8 hours every night. He thanked my father greatly. This was a unique miracle. I’ve never heard of an extension of sleep miracles. But, I can tell that the priest was very glad that he was getting his rest because he is always energetic in the evening time when we see him sometimes.

Another miracle is when my father healed my stomach ulcer. Growing up since the age of twelve, I was very into hot peppers, and I mean VERY hot peppers. There were adults who couldn’t eat the type of spice I was eating. And, unfortunately, I went against Solomon’s advice about taking everything into moderation and ended up with a stomach ulcer. I got it checked out, and it turns out it was severe. I would always be getting stomach pain and had many terrible symptoms. I was experiencing this for about a week now. After the week, I had a dream. An angel of the Lord appeared to me and said, when you awake, write down what I am about to tell you and let your Father pray this over you. Let him anoint you with oil, and then pray. He gave me the prayer and instructions. When I awoke, I wrote down the prayer, told my Father what to do, and we finished. But, I was still experiencing the same symptoms but worse this time. I told my father about it, and he told me that God was testing my faith. He said, believe, and trust in the Lord your God who appeared to you. I took his word for it and strengthened my faith. The next morning, everything felt great, all the symptoms were gone, and I was back to my healthy self. Thanks be to God. I didn’t go back to the doctors although I should have to give glory to God’s work in front of them. The reason why I didn’t go back, is because I was afraid to profess what I saw in front of anyone. This was roughly 3 years ago. Now, I’ll stand on top of somebody’s roof to proclaim the goodness of God.

The next miracle was quite frightening for me. It didn’t happen to me, but I witnessed it. There was a man whose son was demon-possessed. I could tell you all know where I’m going with this. The Father of the demon-possessed son spoke with my father and told him that 5-7 priests have tried to pray over him, but the demon wouldn’t leave him alone. He kindly asked my father to give it a try as he had faith. My father went with his prayers in Arabic, holy water, and the eucharist. But, more important than all of these, he came into the home with the power of the Holy Spirit. Within a few seconds, the son was released by the demon and was demon-free. The Father and the whole family gave thanks and praise to God as it is right they should do so. He went on many months without the demon re-entering. But after his family lost the number of my father as it was written on paper, the son met some friends who do drugs, and the demon re-entered. Unfortunately, he is no longer home, which is why no one else has had the opportunity to save him again. You see, when you come to Christ saved because of him, don’t go back to living the same sin-filled life you always lived before. To sin, means you are a slave to sin. Give yourself to Christ and he will break loose those chains and set you free.

The next miracle is short but very interesting. Before my Father lost all his money because of a building he helped out with, he and his brother were trying to figure out how they will sell their building. They were stressed and didn’t know when it will sell. While my father and I were talking in the car about this, we heard that noise a camera makes after it takes a picture. My Father and I stopped, looked at each other confused, and checked our phones. I checked mine, nothing was on it. But on my father’s phone, it captures the image of bright light, and in writing, it said “J10”. My father immediately knew that this was the date the building was to be sold. So he called his brother and told him, and when it was July 10, the building was sold. When this miracle occurred, it shook my father and I completely, but we were not afraid.

The next miracle deals with another demon-possessed man through the power of the Holy Eucharist. There was a father who had a wife and a few children who were demon-possessed. He would beat him, children and wife, do drugs, party, fool around with other women, curse, and so forth. This was before he became demon-possessed. Then, later one day, he took the picture frame of the sacred heart of Jesus, smashed it on the ground, and it breaks my heart to say this, akh, and stomped on it. After he stomped on it, a demon entered into him, and he was acting absolutely insane. This was going on for about a month and then all of a sudden, he starts yelling in his home. His wife immediately runs to make sure everything is fine with him and sees his eyes fixated on the wall. He yells more and exclaims, “I see him, I see Walid (The name of my Father), and I see him wearing a robe with angels carrying it. He’s the only one who can save me! Take me to him!” His wife didn’t know who he was talking about, and no one could heal him, so she went around the community asking who Walid was. One man knew my father and said he knows him and where he works, he can take them to him. She was so thankful. Ever since he saw that vision, he hasn’t stopped saying, “Take me to Walid, he’s the only one who can save me.” When they got to my father’s work, the wife explained everything that had happened to him, and my father ordered them to bring him in. It was a furniture business that my father was in charge of, and had his own office that looked like a chapel instead. He greeted the demon-possessed man and bring him into his office. He prayed to the Holy Spirit and ordered the man to go on his knees. My Father is a eucharist minister and so he has permission to give the Eucharist to those who require it. He said to the man, “Do you accept the body of Christ?” the man replied, “I do, Amen.” And as soon as my Father placed the Eucharist in his mouth, the man shivered to the ground and breathed a deep breath in, and a deep breath out, and the demon was gone, and he was back to his ordinary self. My father told him to stay away from his sins, and the man promised. The man said to my father, I must see you, and if ever one day I stop seeing your face, I will die. My father felt with the man, and we visited them once every month. Eventually, after a couple of years, my father heard from the man’s wife that he was caught in the act of adultery. My father tried to get through to the man but he didn’t want to listen. So my father cut his communication with him, forgetting about what the man told him when he first saw him at work. After 3 months of not seeing my father, he passed away. May his soul rest in peace.

Do you see the power of miracles? Not just that, but do you also see your part in continuing that miracle to live in you? If a miracle has happened to you, don’t continue doing the evil you were doing before. Make a change, and repent. Repent means to turn away from your wickedness. Many people think that just because they had a miracle happen to them, they can continue sinning because they have that miracle worker’s phone number at hand. Well, it’s not because of that miracle worker, but it’s because of God. You can’t ever make the assumption that everything will be alright and you can do whatever you want because you have that miracle worker’s number. Oh, no! You need to repent, because your Father in heaven has done something for you, and continues to watch you. Sure, you can be thankful to that person who has done a miracle for you. But, don’t ever, place them, higher than the one who gave them the power and authority to do so. God is first. Always remember that.

How many of you have been encountered with a coincidence in life? My question to you is, was it a coincidence, or was it part of God’s plan? Listen to this last miracle I want to share with you, and let me know.

My father had to go and renew his license at the ministry of transportation. After waiting for around three hours in line, which I’m sure everyone enjoys doing, he finally got called forward. My Father always wears what all our friends call, “the Pope’s cross.” and so the lady my father was speaking to admired it and how beautiful it was. She told my Father that it was a miracle that he came to her out of the five people who were working. She explained how she stopped wearing her cross three days before she saw him with his cross. She said she felt there was a purpose for his visit. She also said that she was attacked by demons for the first time that same day and she felt that they attacked her because she was about to see my Father. She promised my Father that she will always wear her cross and that she would like to always remain in his prayers. She continued, “I feel the presence of the Holy Spirit in you. You are someone chosen by God. I can feel it.” My father was barely saying anything, but she kept going. When the Holy Spirit lives in you, sometimes you need to speak for others to feel his presence in you and transform their life. Sometimes you need say nothing at all and they feel the presence of the Holy Spirit and are transformed. It’s not about practicing what you're going to say, or trying really hard to make them understand you have the Holy Spirit. No, no, no. It’s about letting the Holy Spirit do his job through you.

The Power of Miracles can SOMETIMES change an individual, and other times not. Sometimes people’s hearts can be so hardened that even if they see the dead resurrected from the grave after 4 days they will not believe. I hear it all the time, if God shows me a miracle, I will believe. My response is very simple, does the master command the servant, or does the servant command the Master? Does the doctor heal the patient because he has no choice since his patient asked, or does the doctor have the free will to say no? Can we tell God what to do, or does God do what he wants because he’s God. God does what he wants because he’s God. And even after establishing that fact, God has still done what we asked for and provided many miracles over the centuries, and he still continues to do them today. He’s not this magical wand that we wave to on your command to prove to you God is who he claims he is. He’s not a God who does everything we want to do. He is a loving and caring God who will do for us what is according to his will. He has a plan for you, for your future, and I understand how many of you might doubt God because at times he doesn’t do what you ask for, but remember that God knows what’s best for you. I remember a story i heard of a few years ago that connects perfectly with this. One day, a man who owned $100,000 in the bank, and worked as a teller in the bank, asked God to make him with the lottery that was 1 million dollars. God said no, but the man persisted, “I know what’s best for me, I can live a happy, stress-free life.” And so God replied, “Do you say you know better than me?” Tomorrow, go claim your lottery ticket. The man went the next day, and behold, he won! The man was the happiest man alive at that moment! He quit his job! And went out telling everyone about his winning ticket. God knew what would happen and that’s why he planned on not letting the man win, but this is what happens when you don’t trust in God’s plan. The next day, the wife sat down with him and said, “I want a divorce. I’ve never loved you since the beginning.” Half of his winnings went to her, he’s now left with $500,000 from the lottery and $100,000 in the bank. Then, he went to the casino with a couple of friends, and wasted another $100,000. Now, he’s left with $500,000 all together. He was a big show off, so he kept $100,000 stashed up in his house and took a picture with it and posted it on the internet. He left it there and his house got burned, so did the money. He’s at $400,000 now. He wanted to feel like a star when he’s out, so he went ahead and bought a $200,000 ferrari. He’s at $200,000 now. When he went for a walk at night time, he was confronted by three guys who demanded a $100,000 transfer into their account. He did it. And now he’s back to where he started, but without a job because he quit it when he won the lottery. He’s left with $100,000 and no home. He committed suicide and he went all over the news. His ex-boss came forward and said, “He quit the same day he won the lottery, and I was going to let him take my place as the head of my bank as I am going to retire. But, everything happened so quickly.”

You see, God didn’t plan to give him the lottery because he knew that what he planned for his future was better than the man’s plan. We think we know what we need, but God is timeless and sees everything from the beginning to the end. God knew that the man would make poor decisions when spending his winnings. You have to trust in God’s plan. Even when there seems to be no way, God will make a way.

Thank you for taking the time to read todays post. If you are reading this and require any sort of counseling, please do not hesitate to contact me via email or through the contact form on my website. I am looking forward to hearing from you. I hope to hear from you soon.

May God bless us all.

Walid F Rafo.

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