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Updated: Mar 25

Welcome to Walid Rafo Advice!

I am a Spiritual Counsellor and I have opened up this site to help those in need. Specifically, those who are encountering certain obstacles in life. It is a great blessing to be in this position. A position where I can help others just as Christ has helped others. Most things I have had experience with, and others I have learned from. Either way, I do not answer questions I am not knowledgable of. I will take my time to respond if I must. Either way, I will make sure that your question is answered as soon as possible, and to get you the assistance you need through my writing.

You are never alone. The eyes of the Lord are upon you. The Spirit of the Lord is with you. You will never be left alone until the end of your life. Remember that there is a holy family in heaven. Jesus, Mother Mary, and Saint Joseph. They are with you. They are your family. All of heaven is praying for you. Why? Because we are children of God.

Don't allow your thoughts to wander too far away from your heart. Let your heart and your mind focus most in a spiritual life. Let it consist of prayers, remaining humble, loving others, fasting, and accepting your sacrifices in life. You will end up with joy and happinesses this way. Everybody goes through suffering in life, but you are never left alone.

The key is wisdom, knowledge and understanding. Pray often to the Holy Spirit who will lead and guide you unto a path filled with light. Let him fill your thoughts with his presence. You will never see the darkness. You must always remember that you are never alone in this tough world. Remember that there is someone always looking after you from above.

Do not forget that the Lord created you for a purpose. You have a purpose in your life. To do something good on earth, and create a better world for others. Do unto others the same as the Lord has done for you. And only goodness comes from the Lord. In every step you take, and everywhere you go, think about whether your decisions are right or wrong. If they are not, do not move forward. In everything you do, think twice.

When you fill yourself with positive thinking, you will always remain with joy and great happiness. All good things are connected to our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let me share with you a story:

One day, there was a woman who always prayed. She lived alone and had no company. Every morning she prepares two plates for breakfast. One for her and one for Jesus. She sits down and asks Jesus to come and eat with her. Then, the next morning someone knocked the door. She opened it and saw a poor man who was starving greatly from a lack of food. He said, "Please, have mercy on me. I am hungry and have nothing to eat. Can you feed me?" She yelled at him, "Get out from here! I will call the police if you do not leave!" And at once she slammed the door and left him outside unfed.

The second day came by, and she prepared two plates and spoons again. She prayed, "Lord, come and eat with me this day." Then, another knock came at the door. Another poor person. He said, "Please, I am very thirsty, give me some water. Even if it is from the backyard hose I am happy." She yelled at him and said, "Get away from me you poor man! Or else I will call the authorities on you!" She slammed the door shut and left the man with great thirst.

The third day came by, and in the evening time she prepared two plates and spoons. One for her and one for Jesus. Again, a knock at the door! The third person was poor and had ripped clothing and no jacket. It was freezing outside. He said, "Please, I need some clothing or a blanket to keep me warm." She pushed him away and he fell into a puddle. She said, "Get away from me you dirty man!" And at once she closed the door shut.

She went inside and was sad. She said, "My Lord, please, come and eat with me. I have been asking for so long." She heard a voice from the Lord at that very instant. He said, "My daughter, I knocked on your door three times and I told you I was hungry and you threw me out. The second day, I was thirsty and you gave me nothing to drink. The third day, I was cold and needed clothing, and you pushed me into a cold puddle. You never answered my request to dine with you. How do you want me to dine with you if you will not accept me into your home? I was the one on each of the three days that knocked your door."

Let us remember that we are never alone, but to also never reject the poor. They are the closest to the Lords heart. Take care of the poor. In the same way the Lord has provided you, provide for others.

Welcome back to my daily blogs everyone. It is always a great pleasure, as always, to be writing these spiritual life lessons for you all to read.

I also have many readers from all around the world, however, these are the four largest viewers. I would like to thank you all sincerely for joining us on these spiritual life lessons. I write about dreams, visions, and dreams that I have had over the past few years.

Today's blog is more important than you might think. Speaking with someone to help you stop sinning. It isn't a dream or a vision, but something I've learned from my Father through life experiences. Here is how I know this is true.

A few years ago, there was a young man my father and I met. He was most likely around his early thirties. He was a very nice man, and always enjoyed the company of my father and I. Within the few days of meeting him, we noticed a severe drinking problem, but the man never addressed this to my father and I.

The next day, we sat with him again prepared for a conversation. We asked the man, "How many times a day do you drink your alcohol?" He answered, "I'm a big drinker, I don't count I just enjoy." We replied, "Has it become a problem for you?" He answered, "Yea. I mean, I lost my job because of it, I lost my family because of it, I lost my friends because of it. I actually lost lots of things because of it. But at the end of the day it makes me feel better. I don't know what I would do without it." My Father replied, "You still serve the same thing that's destroying you. How funny does that sound?" The man laughed and shrugged his shoulders. My father said to him, "I see you like my son, and to be honest with you, it breaks my heart to see how you turned out and you're so young. Let me help you." The man shivered. My father asked what was wrong, but the man promised my father he would tell him at a later time.

Over the next few days, my father made him dependant on God, instead of his alcohol. My father cut down his alcohol everyday, and today the man is alcohol free. He doesn't even like to smell the alcohol anymore. It disgusts him to see how this drink destroyed his life.

After about a month, my father asked him why he shivered that day when we offered him help. He answered, "A few days ago, I prayed for the first time in a long time. I asked God for someone to help me with my addiction. Then, after a few days, I met you and you changed me. Thank you, Wally."

The point of sharing this life experience with you all is because we need to learn to share. We need to learn to speak with someone who we believe could make a difference in our life. We need to speak about our sins to someone in private who can resolve them.

Too often today, we rely on our own efforts to fix ourselves. No matter how long it takes, we always think we can do it. The underlying solution is what we don't notice. You can speak with someone to help you. If that man who was an alcoholic didn't seek help, only God knows where he would be today. We have to seek ways to fix ourselves, and sometimes the best way is by sharing your struggles with someone you know can help sort you out.

Many of us are too private about the things in our life. Sure, some things can be private. But if you see a sin you're committing and you have no control over, find someone reliable to help you.

Remember that it's not embarrassing to fix your ways. I'd rather have the whole world know about my wickedness so that I can be fixed, than to suffer for eternity.

Also, speak to God. He listens to all of us. Many of us don't pray because we're afraid God won't listen to us. Pray, pray, pray! The devil wants you to think God isn't listening. Well, I'm here to tell you that God is listening, but you're not praying. Speak to God in prayer just as you would speak to the person you love the most. God isn't your enemy. He's your father who will always love and care for you.

Speak to someone to help you stop sinning. I hope you're not waiting until your old and not able to move. Most people think to themselves, "When I get very old I'll return to God." Well, I'd hate to break it to you, but you might not reach the age you think you'll reach. Stop waiting! Stop saying things will take time! Start saying, I can do it! I will change!

We need to learn to have that positive thinking mentality. We need to put aside the, "I'll do it later" type attitude. God is waiting for you already. Don't make him wait any longer.

All of us have walls that we need to break in our life. Some walls are easier to break down than the others. As you continue to break through your walls, they get harder, and harder, and harder. Although you might break your hand trying to break a physical wall, you will not break your hand in spiritual terms. The more you trust and place your hope in God, the more easily you'll be able to break down your wall.

This is the dream I had:

I saw my father standing in the middle of nowhere. The only things I noticed were in front of him, and they were walls. Grey, brick walls. The more further away, the bigger they were getting. I saw my father break the first three walls, then I saw things were getting harder for him. His hands were in a lot of pain, but he kept on hitting and breaking the walls. By the time he got to the seventh wall, he couldn't break it. Then, he sat down on the ground in frustration, thinking about how he'll break the wall. Then, while he was sitting, Jesus came from behind him. Jesus asked him, "What's wrong?" My father said to him, "I'm trying to break the wall but I can't." Then, my father showed Jesus his hands and said, "Look, my Lord. My hands are in so much pain." Jesus looked to my father, held his hands, and laughed. He said, "My son, I want to show you a less painful way." My father replied, "Show me, my Lord." Jesus held my fathers hand and walked him around the seventh wall. My father began to wonder why he didn't think of this from wall number one. Jesus said to him, "Look how much easier things are for you, when you trust me, and allow me to help you." My father continued to the last wall, which was wall number nine. He tried to go around the wall, but it was too long to go around. Then, he tried to hit the wall, but it was too hard to break through. He stood thinking in the heat of the sun. He looked up to the sky and said, "My Lord, help me." Then, a shovel fell down. My father laughed, and began digging. He got to the other side. Then, he saw the big white home God promised us. But before he was able to reach the home, two plants grew from under the ground holding each leg. He tried to pull, but they wouldn't rip out from the ground. Then, he looked up, and asked the Lord for help. A silver sword fell from the sky, and my father cut the plants. Then, he continued walking towards the home. That was the end of this dream.

The main lesson of this blog today is to help us all understand that there are many walls we must encounter before we reach where we want to be. It's important to ask God for help along your journey so that you don't have to struggle the same way someone does when they don't ask God for help. Call upon Jesus for help, and he will be there. I guarantee you.

Jesus, I trust in you.

Growing up, at the age of a very young child, I was always angry. I was angry with everyone around me because that's just the way I was. My father didn't want me to grow up this way, so he went before the Lord in our chapel and prayed that I grow calm. A few weeks later, I transformed to a quiet, loving, happy child. My father knew that the Lord answered his prayer, and he was very glad.

I was raised in a beautiful household of family members. I got along with everyone, and we all grew showing love to one another. We had happiness, money, clothes, cars, and everything we wanted we received by just asking.

My father brought us all in the love and teaching of Jesus Christ, ever since we were young children. He would take us to church, teach us to pray, and always place God before anyone. He was a big influence on our family having raised us in such a beautiful manner. I thank my father everyday for the way he brought us up. I always let him know that he's the best father in the world, and how thankful I am that God placed me in his care.

There's something about my father that words can't explain. It's a feeling when you meet him, greet him or even speak with him. You feel the great presence of the Holy Spirit living in him.

Our families all communicated well when I was a child. My father always tells me until this day how much he loves his family, and how he places them even before himself. He always speaks highly about them. Every week, we would visit each others house, and enjoy food and talking with each other.

My Nana was alive when I was younger, and she was like the boss of the family. She was one powerful and strong woman. May God rest her soul. She was very old fashion, and I love that most about her. She united the family always. She never wanted the families to separate form each other, and all of us know that. She was a true nana. I didn't get to spend time with her for many years and come to know her quite well, but with just a few visits, I felt like I knew her very well. As a matter of fact, she appeared in my dream about three times and spoke with my father and I. She had a very touching conversation with my father, and spoke highly about Amira, my youngest sister. We named Amira after my nana. She was called, "Nana Amira", and that's what we named my youngest sister. In the dream, Nana mentioned about how Amira is exactly like her, and how much she loves her. She didn't call Amira her grand daughter in the dream. She called Amira her daughter.

After a few years, when I was around the age of twelve, problems started to arise. Problems started rushing in. Its like the day was over and the night has taken over. The joy is gone and the struggles have been raised.

My father lost his money that he gave for family to borrow. This was the beginning of the story. Everything went downhill from this point. My father had plans on how he would triple the money because he was very smart with his strategies. He knows very well how to invest and bring triple the income. All his plans were now erased because he didn't receive his money back.

My whole family went through great pain and stress. We got sick from thinking about what will happen to our future. My father was sad, angry, and didn't know what to do. He thought to himself out loud, "I have three children I have to take care of. All of them are like babies. How am I going to take care of them? How am I going to buy them food? How am I going to provide them shelter?" At this point he has no income, he applied for over 100 jobs, but none wanted to accept him because of his age. We went insane. You'll never understand what we went through just by reading these blogs.

After everything his family did to him, I saw something that I didn't understand at that time. I saw my father on his knees in our chapel praying for the family of the one who took away from him. I was confused. I heard him praying out loud, "My Lord. Bless the ones who took away from me and don't harm them. I know how you are with me. You put all my enemies down with your left hand, and you raise me up. But no. Let them grow more than me. Even if you place me to be homeless on the streets, all I ask is that you feed my kids. I love them and I don't want them to suffer with me. Increase my suffering more. If I'm suffering for you, take more away from me and make me suffer more. Increase the weight of my cross. I didn't go through what you went through, my Lord, so do whatever you want with me, and I will love you more and more and more!"

I didn't understand why he was praying for them until when I got older and I received a dream about them.

Progressively as I was growing older, I started seeing dreams. All of these dreams were from heaven. The shocking part is when I receive a dream and it comes true. I always told my father and no one else. Everyone else would either not pay attention, make fun, or dismiss me. My father studied these dreams and saw them coming true. Then, he knew, this is the truth. It has come from God.

One day, I received a dream about the family who took from my father. The Lord showed my family living in a big white home, and he showed me their family sitting in front of our house about 1km away eating bread and drinking tea. Their family had no home and nothing left. When I told my father this dream, he cried for 3 days until I received another dream.

I had another dream of Jesus saying this, "I have heard your cry and your prayers for the family who took from you. I will grant you your request, but not fully. I will not leave them without a home, but I must let them taste the life of the poor. For a little while, I will let them taste, only taste what you have seen from your suffering. This is what will happen. I will allow evil to consume their home and for problems to arise. They will have war everyday. Then, I will send you his son. You will meet with him and you will change him. Evil has consumed his mind, but you will heal his iniquity. You must not give up with him, because you are the only one who will change him. You will change his heart of stone, to the tender one he had when he was younger. After you change him, the war in his home will stop. There will be peace. Then, after some time, they will move from the big home they live in, to a smaller one. They will live there for a few months before I will tell you to pick them up. By the time they move into a smaller home, I will have already blessed you with great wealth, and you will pick them up. Because you have cried for them, I will not let them live the life of the poor, but I must let them taste it. This is as much as I can change my plan for them. I am only doing this, because I love you. You will invite them over to the big white home I will bless you with, and you will pick them up greatly on that day."

We lost everything. Money, our home, we had to sell the things we had, we had to sell our cars, and worst of all, no one asked if we needed help. When we had to sell our cars because we couldn't afford the bills, things were getting worse. My father and I had to stay home for about 5 months. I didn't enjoy the outside. It was like a jail sentence for me. Stress builds up when you stay at home all day and don't enjoy outside. Things were very tough, yet through this all, God remained with us.

Everyday, since the day my father lost his money, I prayed that God would lift me up so that I can take care of my family. It broke my heart to see my father struggle the way he does. God answered this request 7 years after my father lost everything. I was praying for seven years for God to raise me with wealth so that I can provide for my family.

We are currently living in a small bungalow, about 1,200 square feet. It's infested with bugs, spiders, cockroaches and other living insects. But, still, everyday we thank God that we at least have a roof over our heads. In this very home, God appeared to me and made me a promise. You will never believe until you see! My trust in the Lord is great, and I know that he will keep his promise. I am writing this down because I know that when his promise has been fulfilled, you will know that I am telling you the truth. The Lord made the promise to me that in a few months, I will be uplifted with wealth to great heights. He mentioned that all the bills must be put under my name, and for my parents not to spend a penny of their own money. This is the very truth.

We have been surviving and making a living without work for the past 8 years. Isn't that proof enough that the Lord is with us. We know business people who say to my father that they work day and night and cannot have enough to pay their bills. Yet, my father has no work and we have been surviving for the past 8 years. This is the hand and the work of God.

We must all learn to give our life to God, trust in him, and he will take care of you.

There is no need to feel like everyone hates you. Remember that not everyone knows you. I will be answering this topic based on the context I received from this client in my email. If you are feeling he same way but have a different context, please do not hesitate to let me know via email.

I once sat down with a particular client who was feeling this way. I explained to him that he should always feel love from everyone. There were some people I knew that loved him but he would say that they hate him. Why? Just a feeling he said he has within himself.

How can we avoid these feelings of false hate? Better put together, he can we avoid the feelings of hate in general? Let's look at the case of Christ. There were so many people, and until today, that don't love Christ. It is truly sad to say, however, it is true. While Christ was on this earth for his thirty three years, what did he complain about? Nothing! He did not whine and complain about how people are against him. Instead, he preached love and forgiveness for all people. We should never have hate for another even if we have a good reason to. In the same way that God has forgiven us our sins, we too much forgive others.

Oftentimes, we hate and forgive without considering how often we have sinned against God and how he has forgiven us. We must always remember and never forget that God has forgiven us, therefore, we must forgive others. It is totally wrong to say that we will continue to hate or not forgive. We must always follow Jesus' greatest commandment. To love one another, just as he has loved us.

And as difficult as that commandment might seem, we must always strive to be Christ-like and refrain from the evil works of sin. To the flesh sin is joy, but to the soul sin is a disgrace. The love of God is filled in our souls through the work and power of the Holy Spirit. Please, follow the Lord your God who loves you and gave himself up for you for the forgiveness of your sins. And NEVER forget, that the same mercy God has showed us, we must show to others. The same love he has showed unto us, we must show others. God has always showed us great love, and so let us do nothing different but unto others the same good things that God has done for us.

Jus’ nothing but mad. You’re all scared of each other, that’s what. Ever’ one of you’s scared the rest is goin’ to get something on you”. She talks aout her loneliness on one quote suggest that she is essapally alone on a Saturday night when she is always alone wheater or not they are in. Its one of the way she shows to us she is lonely.

To reduce his loneliness he reads books but thinks that books aren’t as great as a human relationship. Also is partly frustrated of the racial prejudices directed towards him. The way he structures it is also great to read such as “S’pose” is repeated in a way as if everything is against him. Crooks also know that his colour is the only reason for his loneliness and that the other factors aren’t the reason for him being left alone.

In urban life, social media makes such a lonely activity for us — to be stuck in front of the screen. The paradox of social technology that reduces our social in- volvement does affect a lot of people, and can lead to social awkwardness and loneliness. As big as the media itself, it connects all of us in every single aspect, but makes us to be alone together.

Loneliness is a state of being alone in sadness, resulting from being forsaken or abandoned. As I understand it, loneliness is when a person has no one to talk to, no one to confide in, nor anyone to keep companionship with. Loneliness also makes a person slip into a desolate state, which they try to conceal under a tough image, and is an emotion even the strongest cannot avoid.

and directly from Latin solitudinem (nominativesolitudo) “loneliness, a being alone; lonely place, desert, wilderness,” from solus”alone” “Not in common use in English until the 17th c. ” [OED] A man can be himself only so long as he is alone; … if he does not love solitude, he will not love freedom; for it is only when he is alone that he is really free. [Schopenhauer, “The World as Will and Idea,” 1818] Solitudinarian”recluse, unsocial person” is recorded from 1690s. Happy the man, whose wish and care A few paternal acres bound, Content to breathe his native air, In his own ground.

Steinbeck takes note from existential writers of the period and sees loneliness as part of the human condition, something we are born with and something we either fight or succumb to all our lives. Steinbeck pairs the themes of loneliness and friendship and the only way George and Lennie avoid loneliness is with their relationship. Loneliness is presented by Steinbeck quite ironically; nobody is physically alone, people live and work in close proximity of each other, yet several characters are lonely.

Whether they are mentally alone or whether they have a fear of being alone, they all express loneliness. We are first introduced to the theme of loneliness when George is talking to Lennie about life on a ranch and how men on a ranch live compared to how they live, saying “Guys like us that work on ranches are the loneliest guys in the world. They got no family.

I was very introverted and scared to go talk to people, and make new friends. In Language Arts, Paideia Seminars were my least favorite because I would always get zeros, I would never talk in the discussion and teachers never pushed me to succeed. My teachers didn’t really care about me either; they never urged me to answer questions and left me alone to be that one lonely kid.

In the novella, she states that she is lonely right before her death. She states these quotes to Lennie, “I never get to talk to nobody. I get awful lonely.”, “What’s the matter with me? Ain’t I got a right to talk to nobody?”, and “Seems like they ain’t none of them cares how I gotta live.” Steinbeck describes isolation and loneliness in Of Mice and Men in the three characters Candy, Crooks, and Curley’s Wife.

So, the writer’s idea of being alone or feeling lonely is bad for your health is wrong. If one’s will is strong enough to do their own health beneficial activities, this problem won’t occurred. In the article, Stephen Marche’s wrote that by using social network, popular kids popular while lonely skulker skulk alone, even on the social network, and she thinks that the social network is primarily only for lonely skulking.

One of the techniques used to convey loneliness is character. John Steinbeck also uses character to follow through the theme of loneliness. One character who is lonely is Curley’s wife. She admits this to Lennie “I get awful lonely”. It is proberly because she is the only female on the ranch and has no one else to talk to except her husband who leaves her alone on Saturday nights to go to the brothel.

To overcome his loneliness, George not only befriends Lennie, but he seems to find companionship with his co-workers as well. He eagerly accepts the invitation to go into town with ‘the boys’, leaving Lennie alone in the barn with the animals. Towards the end of the novel, George feels an even greater sense of loneliness and guilt before he kills Lennie.

Curley’s wife, who walks the ranch as a temptress, hides a deep sense of loneliness behind the “tramp,” “tart,” and “bitch” masks that she puts on. For a young lady to wed at an early age, and then be left alone at home, would send one in a deep state of loneliness or depression. She is married to a man that gives her little attention and none of his time.

Being alone is neither inherently good nor bad, and is thusly a neutral state. Being lonely, or alone, is something that is hard to find at a macro level. You cannot apply this idea to a country, you cannot apply it to a state or government, or even a group of people. However, what you can find are the actions of individuals motivated by their loneliness, or idea of being alone, with global implications.

“‘Lennie!’ he said sharply. ‘Lennie, for God’s sake don’t drink so much.” George has to take care of Lennie, even though he knows that Lennie has a disability, he continues to teach him about what is right and wrong. However, George does suffer loneliness as he is often seen playing solitaire in the bunkhouse alone.

Yvette Vicker’s death was connected to a heart attack which was reportedly caused by loneliness. She called distant fans before her death rather than her family and friends. Loneliness and being alone is not the same thing. Being lonely is a psychological state while being alone is an external condition.

Solitude is the state of being alone without being lonely. It is a positive and constructive state of engagement with oneself. Solitude is desirable, a state of being alone where you provide yourself wonderful and sufficient company. [http://www. psychologytoday. com/articles/200308/what-is-solitude] “I care for myself.

However, after reading the article I completely understand how to opposite trend is now taking place. Facebook is a perfect outlet for lonely people to run to, and it does nothing but hurt them. Though it is not Facebook alone that is making people lonely worldwide, Facebook is definitely contributing to the increasing number yearly.

They don’t belong no place……..With us it ain’t like that. We got a future. We got somebody to talk to that gives a damn about us” Lennie eagerly finishes George’s description of them saying “But not us! An’ why? Because… I got you to look after me and you got me to look after me” From this conversation alone it is obvious to us that George and Lennie are on completely different wavelengths intellectually, Lennie being extremely childlike, thinking and speaking like a toddler would, and George being a father-like figure, getting frustrated when Lennie doesn’t understand him, or when he doesn’t remember something he’s been told, as Lennie pointed out, physically, they are not alone, physically, they do have each other and although Lennie isn’t intellectually able enough to understand, mentally, George is alone, travelling and holding conversations with a man who has the mental ability of a 3 year old would not be enough to take away the feeling of loneliness.

Thank you all for taking the time to read. It is always a great priviledge to counsel and assist you in any way I can. I look forward to receiving more of your questions. Kindly send me an email with your question and I will answer you in the best way I can.

May God bless us always.

Walid F Rafo

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